Binori – a boutique hotel – Merging Your Business and Leisure Travel

Binori – a boutique hotel – Merging Your Business and Leisure Travel

Binori is a brand renowned all over for its luxurious accommodations and fantastic service. Binori has forever been a favourite among business travellers around the globe. Along with being centrally located in the city and the home to the best restaurants and nightclub in Ahmedabad, the hotel also packs a host of recreational activities that could help you de-stress, whether after a day of business meetings or a week’s hectic schedule.

Binori is your perfect picturesque escape into the serenading SG Highwaywhich is the soul of the city. A stay here isn’t simply a check-in into luxury but a sojourn that transcends into experiential heaven. With a surreal view and serene outdoors, you take a step towards healthy living with rich experiences breathing life into you. Plan stays at both of them for a long weekend, or at each property on each weekend; and unleash the joy of indulgence that comes with:

Relax to Rejuvenate

From their much-acclaimed café to their state-of-the-art gym facilities, Binori goes all out to serve their customers the best. Binori is all about celebrating the atmosphere around you. We are having an amazingcafé patio giving you more ways to enjoy yourself in style.

Dine at the Best

A stay at Binori also means in indulging in a gastronomic experience par excellence! Pol 21 is a beautiful melting pot of pure food decadence. Pol 21 is the finest restaurants in the city, well-known for their delightful menus as well as a welcoming ambiance. It is the perfect outdoor dining with a diverse menu that seductively tantalizes your taste buds. Savour organically-grown foods cooked to absolute flawlessness, and enjoy the perfect union of flavours with nutrition.

Kickback in Luxury

The inimitable Binori style is the pure blend of opulence with comfort, resulting in understated luxury that is pleasing on the eye. The richly designed interiors of rooms at Binori exude blissful warmth you cannot wait to sink into. Binori comes with a glorious view of the soul of the city S. G. Highway that makes waking up to it all the more worth it!

Binori can be the perfect weekend you need. Take some time out with your family, friends, or even yourself, to treat yourself to happiness you deserve.

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